Masato Kubo

Division of Molecular Pathology
Immunology, Allergolgy

Research theme

  • Identification of TFH cells in antibody responses to influenza virus vaccination.
  • The role of TFH cells in IgE responses during allergy.
  • The role of TH2 cells in allergic inflammatory responses.
  • The mechanisms by which immunological memory is established.
  • Identification of the epigenetic landscape in cytokine gene expression.
  • The role of innate immune cells (e.g., mast cells, basophils, innate lymphoid cells) in inflammatory responses.
  • In vivo imaging of the cytokine network in immune responses.

Publications in 2012

  • Motomura, Y., Morita, H., Moro, K., Nakae, S., Artis, D., Koyasu,S., Kubo, M. Basophil-derived IL-4 controls the function of natural helper cells, a member of ILC2s, in lung inflammation. Immunity 40, Issue 5, p758–71, May 2014.
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