【6.1】ヒト疾患モデル研究センターセミナー Howard Young, Ph. D. (NIH)

日時: 2018年6月1日(金) 16:30~17:30
場所: 東京理科大学生命医科学研究所2階大講義室
演者: Howard Young, Ph. D.
Head, Cellular Molecular Immunology Section,
Principal Investigator, Cancer and Inflammation Program, NIH

Title: Interferon-gamma: A look at the Dark Side

IFN-g is a key immunoregulatory protein whose expression is controlled by multiple mechanisms, including transcription, mRNA stability, translation and secretion. Expression of the gene occurs early in the host response to infection or other challenges but expression is quickly turned off. IFN-g is absolutely required for immunotherapy to be successful but it has been known for 30 years that IFN-g is also required for the development of autoimmune diseases. However the mechanisms involved in these processes have not been fully worked out. We have developed a mouse model of chronic IFN-g gene expression, and in this lecture, I will go through the consequences to the host of persistent expression of this key immunoregulatory protein.

Howard Young

Yoichiro Iwakura
Center for Animal Disease Models
Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Tokyo University of Science