昆研究室Kon Lab.

昆 俊亮 講師Shunsuke Kon
昆研究室Kon Lab.
研究分野Research Area
腫瘍生物学Tumor biology
研究テーマResearch theme




Shunsuke Kon Junior Associate Professor

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Kon Lab.
Research Area
Tumor biology
Research theme
Cell competition between normal epithelial cells and transformed cells
Interaction between cancer cells and normal stromal cells
Tumor-induced lymphangiogenesis
Molecular mechanisms of anchorage-independent growth exhibited by cancer cells
Development of Wilm’s tumor

Our interest

We are exposed to environmental carcinogens such as ultraviolet light, viruses and some chemical substances, resulting in daily production of thousands of transformed cells. To countervail the incidence of oncogenesis, the cellular environment exhibits an inherent preventive role in cancer progression. It is becoming increasingly apparent that normal epithelial cells can recognize the newly emerging transformed cells and eliminate them; This biological phenomenon is termed as cell competition. Given that cancer generally arises through the accumulation of genetic mutations, we are interested in how the function of cell competition is altered by the mutational insults. In addition, we also explore whether the mode of cell competition differs in the context of cellular characteristics such as cellular differentiation. Once transformed cells overcome the cell competition-mediated elimination pressure, they can penetrate through the basement membrane and invade in stroma. We are also interested in the interaction between malignant cells and normal stromal cells, which we believe would facilitate to understand the nature of birth of cancer cells.