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中村 岳史 教授Takeshi Nakamura
中村研究室Nakamura Lab.
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Takeshi Nakamura professor

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Nakamura Lab.
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Division of Immunology
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Neurite outgrowth and axon guidance
My research seeks to answer 2 questions: What are the common requirements for regulating neuritogenesis? What signaling molecules coordinate the regulation of cytoskeletal organization and membrane addition/removal during neuritogenesis? To address these issues, we are investigating the following topics:
i) The mechanism underlying the neurite-promoting effect of TC10 through vesicle exocytosis, and the physiological role of TC10 in neuronal development and regeneration.
ii) The role of Rab35 in neuronal function, and the regulation of Rab35 activity in neuronal cells.
Molecular mechanisms that regulate the transition from early endosome to late endosome and lysosome (neuronal and non-neuronal cells).
Molecular mechanisms that regulate neurotransmission.
Development of new modalities in FRET imaging.
Mathematical modeling of the molecular mechanisms that regulate growth cone advance.

Our brain has a complex architecture composed of highly interconnected networks of many millions of neurons. These connections are formed during embryonic and postnatal development. Neural development consists of neural cell differentiation and migration, neurite outgrowth and axon guidance, and subsequent formation and activity-dependent modulation of synapses. These neural networks are rewired and reorganized throughout life.
The research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying (1) neurite outgrowth and axon guidance and (2) membrane trafficking implicated in neurotransmission and neuronal homeostasis. Additionally, my team and our collaborators are developing novel microscopic tools that will allow more precise dissection of these processes.